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The moments of greatest clarity come when you least expect them, when, in an instant, the truth emerges, simple, clear and instinctively right. In the world of loudspeakers, the arrival of the new Qln speaker is such an occasion. Elegantly engineered in a cool, cosmopolitan design, the Qln speaker reconciles perfectly the demands for high performance and functional style in an innovative and seductive range of visionary solutions.

Whatever your taste, budget and decor, a Qln loudspeaker will exceed your expectations. After years of concerted evolution, Qln’s designer has created a loudspeaker so in tune with music, that it seems inherently part of it – mirroring each performance, capturing its unique emotional signature, making listening an uncomplicated pleasure. Qln loudspeakers will fit naturally into your home and into your life. Listen, look and believe.

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