About Qln

At Qln we strongly believe that communication improves, the closer the reproduced music corresponds to the original performance. Therefore we strive to create equipment that can make everything in the recorded material audible, in its finest details and altering as little as possible.

We also believe that you should be able to enjoy music in your home. Our loudspeakers are designed to perform at their best where they are likely to be used – in a living room.

Qln started in 1977 with an idea about how a loudspeaker should be designed to best reproduce the soundstage. This fundamental ambition remains today and we save no efforts in refinement of our products and taking advantage of results from our research.


Since the early 80’s we have been active in Europe, North America and the Far East. We develop our own methods and materials. We co-operate with our suppliers to develop the driver units, and we constantly seek technical improvements. But we still see the entirety of music brought to the listener as the main ambition.


We want you to listen to music – not to loudspeakers.