Qln One





The One marks the beginning of Qln’s truncated pyramid design. The One debuted in 1981 at CES as the first truncated pyramid monitor speaker in the world. The shape is an original Qln design combining aesthetic expression with functionality. We are proud to re-introduce this important speaker 40 years later as a testament to Qln’s commitment to advanced design and excellence in sound reproduction.

We don’t draw attention to our technical acumen but rather a piece of furniture that can elegantly find its place in your living room. All the technical parameters for quality sound reproduction are present in our designs but the only role for them is to recreate recorded music from your source. We must not forget that the purpose of a speaker is to recall an original sound event. Our goal is to provide the same emotion you feel when listening to a big orchestra, a string quartet, a rock band, a jazz trio, or vocalist performance. It is this pursuit along with music’s subtleties and nuances that we strive to capture.



Qln thinks of speakers as musical instruments. We know that good sound depends on the acoustic chamber just like an acoustic instrument. But unlike music instruments we don’t create sound, we reproduce it.

Qln has always searched for cabinet shapes and proportions that will guarantee exceptional control of internal resonance, perfect acoustics, excellent driver stability, phase response and easy room integration.

The Qln One is that speaker.


Our technology


Cabinet design
A slanted front baffle provides perfect time alignment between woofer and tweeter. The truncated pyramid cabinet with its minimized baffle area suppresses any standing waves inside the cabinet while also offering improved three-dimensional imaging.
By again basing the cabinet construction around Qln’s unique Qboard® technology, structural resonances are significantly minimized. The bass reflex port with its trumpet shape eliminates air turbulence.
The cabinet is heavily braced for stiffness, but we utilize damping pads to reduce internal resonances which distort sound in the time domain. Natural wool is used to further dampen the internal acoustic chamber. We use minimum damping material and apply it strategically.

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The drivers have been specifically selected and custom developed by us along with Scandinavian manufacturers to offer the latest in driver technology. The Reed paper cone mid/bass driver with its built-in copper ring in the magnet system and Titanium voce coil offers symmetric drive and higher dynamics in the midrange while concurrently suppressing intermodulation distortion. This results in spectacular voice reproduction, and astonishing micro/macro dynamics uncommon for a compact 2-way speaker design.



The 25mm wide surround tweeter offers superb vocal presentation and excellent imaging in a wide listening area. Its large roll surround, built-in copper ring and textile dome diaphragm provides a flat frequency response above 30 KHz with outstanding off-axis dispersion. The rear acoustic chamber delivers low compression and lowers the tweeter’s system resonance far below the crossover point.



We utilize the same constant impedance crossover technology found in the Prestige series with fine tuning for the compact two-way design.  All coils are air core, and all capacitors are of polypropylene material. All coils are baked so the wires are glued together to reduce internal vibration.
The constant impedance crossover produces an even impedance response that eases the load an amplifier sees (especially tube amps) providing better phase coherence for the driver. The crossover is hard wired for best contact between components with as few contact points as possible. Every component is soft glued to increase damping and minimize vibrations.



Cables, speaker connectors and internal damping. 
Internal cabling is our own special design produced in Sweden. Solid pure copper core wrapped around a polypropylene core with polypropylene isolation.. All components are carefully hand selected and individually tested for any deviances.
Speaker terminals are WBT Nextgen® connectors made of copper with minimal copper mass for low energy storage lowering distortion and offering the purest contact to the speaker cable.
For internal acoustic damping we use real wool. Wool is the best material for internal acoustic damping but we need a small amount of syntetic fibre to get the right density.



Walnut piano

Walnut matte

White matte

• 2-way fullrange speaker
• 25mm wide surround, wide surround, soft dome with back chamber
176mm, Reed paper cone
• High-end brand crossover components from leading manufactures
• Qln pure copper solids wire
• Sensitivity: 87,5 dB SPL 1 Watt 1m, 100-10kHz
• Low frequency performance: -3dB 45Hz
• Impedance: 8 ohms
• Amplifier requirements: 50-150 Watt RMS
• Cabinet: 21mm with Qboard® philosophy design
• Terminal: WBT Single wire
• Dimensions (HxWxD): 390x265x372mm
• Weight: 14,0 kg each
• Standard finish: Walnut Piano, Walnut Matte, White matte