Signature upgrade

The old Qln Signature with yellow Kevlar cone can be upgraded to up to date design by keeping some parts and changing parts that can be improved. The reason is that I over the years have had many questions “is it possible to improve this Classic speaker”.

There is a  review of the Signature upgrade in the Swedish HiFi-Musik magazine September 2013 issue, 24 years after the original speaker was born!

The Signature Upgrade tested by Hifi & Musik

The first version of the Qln Signature was an upgraded version of Qln One and was produced from 1986-1989. It had the same cabinet as Qln One but had rounded edges on the front and the front was covered with a black wool felt. For this version there is no upgrade.

The Classic Signature hereby mentioned is the one with yellow Kevlar cone. This was designed 1989 and in production until 2003. The basic design with a truncated pyramid designed cabinet with Qboard and 7″ Kevlar woofer (yellow cone) from Scan-Speak and  1″ soft dome tweeter from SEAS. There were only  small changes over time.


All Signature models with the yellow Kevlar cone can be upgraded, There are three version, ver 2, 3 and 4 that can be upgraded.  Look under Signature models for description of the different models. With the upgrade you get tighter bass, a more refined and dynamic sound. But still with the same unique sound that Qln Signature is known for.

What we do with the upgrade
The extra ordinary cabinet and woofer are kept. The tweeter is changed to a more refined model with better dynamics, lower distortion and wider frequency response at both ends. The crossover uses the same unique constant impedance crossover solution but with higher grade of component quality and lower losses. For internal wiring we use Transparent cables. New aluminum terminal plate with WBT connectors. Rebuilt internal damping.