184mm Kevlar mid-woofer

The Qln 184mm mid-woofers are in every aspect unusual designs with the open construction, the extremely long linear excursion, low-loss linear suspension and under-hung symmetrical drive neodymium motor system, which due to copper caps and its construction ensures very low distortion.

The unique coating of the Kevlar cone is part of the secret with the Qln sound. It’s a mixture of acoustic and material ingenering art. The combination of cone stiffnes and special coating to achive the right stiffness and damping. All to reduce unwanted noice and special in time domain. So we can hear the silence between the tones and highlight the mico details without emphisas them.


We want you to listen to music – not to loudspeakers.


Magnet system
Graph for the under-hung voice coil shows a more linear and symmetrical magnet force with the cone movement. This magnet system is more linear for larger excursion and reduces intermodulation distortion.

The symmetry of the magnet system is one of the most important part in a speaker unit for low distortion especially the odd once. Both of these types of distortions are unpleasant types of distortions compared to the even.