Magnet systems

Signature woofer

The woofer in the Signature have under hung voice coil that have much more linear force factor with the cone movement. It’s linear over larger area, this decreases the intermodulation distortion. The symmetrical movement back and forth give lower THD and specially the odd 3th, 5th, 7th …. grades of distortion. Both this types of these distortions unpleasant types of distortion compared with the even type 2nd, 4 nd….. grades.





How it works 




Under hung magnet system
In a under hung magnet system, the voice coil is in the magnet gap all the time. This means that it recives the same magnetic field regardless of its movement. It become more linear over a longer distance than an ordanary over hung magnet system and the magnetic force become more symetrical as it has the same force field when it moves inward or outward.
The back side is we need a stronger magnet because we don’t use 100% of the magnet field as in other magnet system. Because of that we need 2 to 3 times stronger magnets and strong magnets are expensive. So you only find these type of magnets systems in exluslve speakers. If you would like to do the best it demands extra ordiary solutions.

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