History of the Signature speaker

Qln Signature is a unique speaker with its cabinet shape, Qboard cabinet, special driver technology and crossover design. These together with the high sound quality without sound gimmicks, have made this a Classic speaker. We started producing this speaker 1989 and it was produced through 2003. And the production stopped when the Qln brand changed owner, not as a result of lack of demand.

Over the years the Classic Signature with its yellow Kevlar cone only went through small changes. These are listed under “The Signature models”. Over the last 10 years I had requests if there was a possibility to upgrade the Qln Signature and finally I decided to develop an upgrade for this fantastic speaker. You can find info of the upgrade under “The Signature upgrade”.

1986-1988 Signature, version 1

Same cabinet shape as Qln One but with rounded edges instead of 45 deg edge at front baffle. The entire baffle is covered by wool felt.

1989-1991 Signature, version 2 (Rubber surround and convex dust-cap)

First version of Signature with larger cabinet size.
Woofer from Scan-Speak with yellow Kevlar cone, coated textile convex dust-cap and rubber surround.

1992-1994 Signature. Version 3 (Coated foam surround and convex dust-cap)

Change of surround from rubber to coated foam. New constant impedance crossover.

1995-2003 Signature. Version 4 (Rubber surround and inverted/concave dust-cap)

Updated woofer with new low loss surround, improved magnet system and new inverted/concave dust cap. From around 1998 new bass tube with rounded edge.

1994-1995 Signature HD II

Same cabinet as “Signature” (with the yellow cone). New woofer with a black carbon fibre cone and new tweeter.

1996-1999 Signature HD II (ver2)

Updated tweeter and woofer.

1996-1999 Signature HD II Split Field

Signature HD II with an external crossover in separate box. First with metal box but later on with a wooden box.

1999-2002 Signature Typ II

New cabinet shape with slanting top. New woofer Black Kevlar cone with phase plug and new tweeter. Produced in a smaller amount most are sold outside Sweden.

2015-2021 Signature 3

Developed from the old classic Signature but to a much hifger level. First speaker from the new Qln era.