Signature 3

To reach the soul in music, there are no shortcuts.

“The moments of greatest clarity come when you least expect them, when, in an instant, the truth emerges, simple, clear and instinctively right. In the world of loudspeakers, the arrival of the new Qln speaker is such an occasion. Elegantly engineered in a cool, cosmopolitan design, the Qln speaker reconciles perfectly the demands for high performance and functional style in an innovative and seductive range of visionary solutions.”

– Mark Sossa, Well Pleased AV, USA –

Qln is proud to present the new Signature 3 – refined speaker engineering at the pinnacle of a classic 2-way speaker design. Incorporating over three decades of speaker research, development, design and construction, the Qln Signature 3 carries the legacy of a timeless combination of form and performance re-engineered to provide an unprecedented high-end compact 2-way audio transducer. With truly enticing audio reproduction without any impediment or compromise, the Signature 3 is form and performance in perfect symbiosis and harmony.


The designer’s approach and challenge when seeking out to refine the Qln Signature platform was to improve an already eloquent performance in a number of challenging performance areas including further reduction of distortion and increasing presence, timing, timbre, level of detail and micro/macro dynamics, regardless of level, scale and complexity of program material. These endeavours have once again resulted in a timeless and perfected combination of impeccable form and function, offering an uncompromised and unique insight into any program material.


Design details

Cabinet and crossoverA slanted solid 28 mm baffle provides for perfect time alignment between woofer and tweeter. Rounded edges help avoid baffle diffraction while the slanted cabinet suppresses any standing waves inside the cabinet. By again basing the cabinet construction around Qln’s unique Qboard® superior damping sandwich technology, structural resonances are eliminated. Crossover has been completely redesigned and hardwired with high-end oil-filled capacitors and baked coils to avoid any internal component and filter resonances. The result is perfect timing within the crossover and throughout the entire frequency range.


Treble and bass/midrange drivers
The bass/mid range and treble drivers have been specifically selected and custom developed by industry renowned Danish driver manufacturer Scan Speak and offer the latest in 21st century advanced driver technology. The unique coated Kevlar bass/midrange driver with its built-in copper ring in the magnet system offers symmetric drive and higher dynamics in the midrange concurrently suppressing intermodulation distortion and resulting in industry leading high-end voice handling and astonishing micro/macro dynamics from a compact 2-way speaker design. Likewise the unique Illuminator tweeter offers superb vocal rendition and excellent imaging at all listening positions. Its large roll surround and textile dome diaphragm provides a flat frequency response above 30 KHz with outstanding off-axis dispersion. The unique AirCirc magnet system and its rear chamber eliminate any reflections and resonances.

Cables and speaker connectors Internal cabling is our own specially design and produced in Sweden. 12 pcs solid core pure copper wire design with polypropylene isolation. All components are carefully hand selected and individually tested for any deviances. Non-metal terminal plates and pole screws are used to avoid induced currents. Speaker terminals are made of pure massive copper, coupled with grip-friendly screws.

Impedance: 8 ohms
Amplifier requirements: 25-250 Watt RMS
Tweeter: 25mm wide surround, AirCirc magnet, soft dome
Woofer: 177mm Kevlar® cone
Sensitivity: 87 dB SPL 1 Watt 1m
Low frequency performance: -3dB 42Hz
Cabinet: Dual density Qboard®
Terminal: Single wire
Dimensions (HxWxD): 370x265x365
Weight: 12,5 kg each
Finish: Walnut, White satin, natural oiled Oak