Bild 606

Modern sound systems have to cope with many demands. In a Home Theatre installation, the reproduced material will vary from the whispering human voice, to the thunder of a full-scale army battle. Then again when listening to recorded music linearity and focus is just as important as the dynamic range. Few loudspeakers can handle this wide spectrum better than the Qln 606.

Two 165 mm low-mid units arranged with the ferrofluid cooled tweeter between them provide a very clear, focused and three-dimensional soundstage. In the non-compromising bass reflex cabinet, they present a neutral and accurate response all the way down to 30 Hz. The low frequency response is especially important for the reproduction of effects and ambient sound from your DVD, and, of course, also for the full range of recorded music.

A solid and stable cabinet in a very attractive design is the visible sign of the craftsmanship that has become the hallmark of Qln loudspeakers.



  • Floor standing 2,5-way reflex design.
  • Reflex port with rounded edges and large area for lower distortion.
  • Heavy 8 mm spikes, 5 pcs of inserts for improved stability and sound.
  • High-efficiency 27 mm tweeter with coated silk fabric dome and damped rear cavity.
  • Absorbent felt on the tweeter for reduced reflection of high frequencies.
  • Twin 165 mm low-mid drivers, treated lightweight fibre cone, improved large magnets system, non-magnetic chassis.
  • High-grade audio components in crossover for perfect match to the drivers.
  • Slim cabinet design for improved stereo image.
  • Cabinet construction of 32 mm MDF and 22 mm high density board, extensive internal bracing to eliminate structural resonance and coloration.
  • Sub-cavity for optional increase of mass damping.
  • Bi-wiring option with 4 heavy gold plated connection terminals.
  • Optional finishes. Cherry, light rose and black.


Principle: 2 1/2 way bass reflex
Woofer: 6 1/2″ doped lightweight fibercone with large high-flux magnet
Woofer/mid: 6 1/2″ doped lightweight fibercone with large high-flux magnet
Tweeter: 1″ coated silk fabric dome, ferrofluid cooled
Impedance: 4 ohm
Power handling: 250 W
Sensitivity: 90 dB SPL 1 W, 1 m
Frequency response: 30 Hz – 22 kHz
Dimensions: 1050 x 210 x 430 mm
Weight: 22 Kg each (without mass damping)

Specifications and appearance subject to change for further improvement without