Artec 1600


Introducing the Qln ARTEC
Although the Qln Artec is probably one of the most handsome High End speaker ever build, its true beauty lies in its unique performance. With almost unlimited capabilities the Qln Artec has the power to reproduce the dynamics of large symphony orchestras or live rock concerts without any stress. Yet for a detailed reproduction of small acoustic ensambles, it has the smoothness and dissolution that enables you to get into contact with the very soul of the music. Your choose of music is totally unrestricted.

The distributed line source principle
The key to the unique performance of the Qln Artec lies in the special distributed line source design. The design represents a radical rethinking of the line source principal. The sound is created by many small sources instead of one large diaphragm. While conventional speaker are omnidirectional, radiating energy roughly equally in all directions, the line source has a controlled dispersion pattern and radiates energy more controlled. This design offers significant advantages:
-Very high efficiency and power handling.
-Outstanding dynamic capability.
-Controlled dispersion reduces the amount of reflected sound reaching the listening position, resulting in more accurate, uncolored sound. This makes the Qln ARTEC less room-dependent than most speaker.

The drive units
The use of several bass drivers and tweeters is neccesery to realize the line source dispersion pattern, but it also ensures the superior dynamic capabilities of the ARTEC. The bass performance can be compared to that of a 15″ woofer with regard to efficiency and power handling, but the 6 1/2″ units have the speed and timing that is of crucial importance if the speaker is to combine dynamic capability with coherent, uncolored music reproduction in the entire frequency range. To achieve the smoothest possible frequency response, different types of woofers have been used to make a perfect match in the bass and midrange. To avoid acoustic interaction between the woofers, the identical units have been placed in two separate chambers and coupled separate in the crossover. The result is detailed, seamless bass performance audible to 24 Hz. The same principle can be recognized in the tweeter section, where different types of high quality tweeters have been chosen to make a perfect match in the upper frequency range. Together they offer the ideal blend of effortless reproduction at high sound pressure levels as well as crisp reproduction of the dome. As each dome only has to move very little compared to a dome in a normal two-way system, the air compression is almost eliminated, resulting in dramatically improved dynamic.

The crossover
Crossover design is of great importance to the performance of a loudspeaker. Even the most advanced driver units can be distorted beyond recognition if the crossover has not been considered thoroughly. Due to the multi tweeter design, the Qln Artec allowed the use of a first order crossover. Because of the high power level passing through the tweeter when using a first order crossover, this crossover type is seldom ideal in two way systems. In the Artec however, the tweeter system has significantly higher power handling than normal two way system, meaning that the first order crossover can be used without any disadvantage  with regard to compassion and power handling. The result is a tweeter system revealing the full advantage of using the first order crossover type; ideal phase and pulse performance at the crossover point, giving you a first class reproduction of dynamic and micro detail. All crossover components have been selected for their audible qualities and have been hardwired to eliminate every conceivable loss. This technique also ensure perfect connections between components during the lifetime of the speaker.

The cabinet
Designed to fit into most normal living room the Qln Artec does not take up more room than a normal floor-standing loudspeaker. For maximum rigidity the front baffle is made as slim as possible and employs a heavy 36mm particle board for effective damping of surface resonances. The terminal accept banana plugs as well as heavy-gauge bare wire, and offers the possibility of bi/tri-wiring or amping. The superb finish of the cabinet reflects the long tradition of first class Scandinavian furniture craftsmanship. Combined with the advanced technology used in both drivers and crossover, the Qln Artec offers the ideal blend of art and technology for the discriminating music lover of today and tomorrow.

The sound
With the Artec we want you to get into contact with your feelings while you are listening to your favorite music, regardless of green. This is real benefit from listening to quality musicians through a high quality pair of speakers; To laugh and cry together with the audience and to feel the very soul of the spectators. The speaker of tomorrow must be able to play all kinds of music. When tomorrow arrives, be sure that we have already been there.



Impedance: 4 Ohm
Amplifier requirements: 25-500W
Sensitivity: 93 dB SPL 1 watt 1m
Cabinet: Q-board
Dimension: 1642 x 308 x 315 mm
Weight: 50 kg each