Qubic 199

Bild 199

The Qln 199 brings you a new level of musical involvement. The key word is “Timing”. The feeling of involvement created by the fast and precise reproduction of the beat in music. The Qln 199 is uniquely qualified to make musical events in your home to a new experience. The perfect integration of custom built drive units and close tolerance crossover components housed in an enclosure of exceptional structural integrity allows the Qln 199 to reach new levels of dramatic dynamics, uncoloured sound and richness of musical detail. By paying great attention to detail and building in quality, the Qln 199 will stand out as a perfect speaker equally for HiFi or as part of an audio/visual setup.

As we always say – “To Reach The Soul In Music There Are No Shortcuts”.


  • Floor standing 3 way reflex design.
  • Rounded edges on reflex ports for lower distortion.
  • Slanted edges on cabinet for minimized diffraction.
  • Heavy 8 mm spikes for improved stability.
  • High degree of efficiency for ease of driving.
  • Drivers arranged close to each other for perfect stereo focus.
  • High efficient 27 mm tweeter with coated silk fabric dome and damped cavity behind the cone.
  • Absorbent felt on the tweeter for lower reflection of high frequencies.
  • 165 mm mid/bass drivers, treated lightweight fibre cone with inverted aluminium dustcap, steel chassis, powerful high flux magnet systems.
  • High grade audio components in crossover for perfect match to the drivers.
  • Cabinet construction of 22 mm high density board, generous internal bracing to eliminate structural resonances and colourations.
  • Optional resonance and mass damping in separate sealed chamber.
  • Bi-wiring option with 4 heavy gold plated connectors.
  • Optional finishes. Cherry, walnut and black.



Principle: 3 way bass reflex floor stander
Woofer: 2x 6 1/2″ coated fibrecone with high flux magnet
Mid: 6 1/2″ coated fibrecone with high flux magnet
Tweeter: 1″ coated silk fabric cone ferrofluid cooled
Impedance: 4 ohm
Power handling: 350 W
Sensitivity: 92 dB SPL 1 W, 1 m
Frequency response: 30 Hz – 22 kHz
Dimensions: 1100 x 240 x 300 mm
Weight: 25 Kg (without mass damping)

Specifications and appearance subject to change for further improvement without notice.