Bild Sub12

The Qln SUB 12 remote controlled Active Subwoofer breaks any prejudice about subwoofers being big and useless. The SUB 12 is a small size powerful, high performance, low frequency loudspeaker designed to blend seamlessly with all advanced HiFi equipment and add immense drama and distinctive sound effects to home theatre systems.
To achieve the perfect system integration without sacrificing the musical performance, Qln SUB 12 is equipped with individual volume and phase/frequency controls. The infrared remote control makes it easy, regardless of placement, to adjust the bass performance perfectly from your listening position. This unique feature together with the essential built in Qln quality in components, will ensure your listening pleasure and make the SUB 12 a very discrete part of your home environment. As we always say;

– “To Reach The Soul In Music There Are No Shortcuts”


  • 180 W RMS output power for low distortion bass performance.
  • 12″ Long throw heavy duty woofer for optimum bass impact.
  • Dual flared rear firing ports for added bass weight.
  • Internally braced cabinet for perfect support to the woofer.
  • Bass extension to 25 Hz.
  • Variable phase control.
  • Variable remote controlled crossover frequency for perfect blend to any speaker system.
  • Variable remote controlled volume for ease of setting bass level to your listening preferences.
  • Auto power on/off.
  • Compact size.

Specifications Sub12
Principle: Bass reflex
Power: 180 W
Woofer: 12″ heavy duty
Variable low pass filter: 40 – 180 Hz
Variable phase: 0 – 180°
Low frequency response: -6 dB 25 Hz
Inputs: low level / high level
Outputs: low level / high level
Dimensions: 376 x 500 x 420 mm
Weight: 23 Kg

Specifications and appearance subject to change for further improvement without