Bild 111

Focus and Excitement summarise the Qln
111’s ability to recreate a very large and
spacious sound stage without loosing the
fine details and nuances so important for
your involvement in music. With the
genuine built in Qln quality and attention
to detail, the Qln 111 brings you an
excellent blend of compact size, natural
tuneful bass and well focused sound stage
ideally suited for home HiFi of A/V set-ups.
Qln 111 incorporates all the essential
features to ensure your listening pleasure.

As we always say – “To Reach The Soul In
Music There Are No Shortcuts”.



  • Stand mounting/Bookshelf 2-way reflex design.
  • Rounded edges on reflex port for lower distortion.
  • High efficiency for ease of driving.
  • Drivers arranged close to each other for better stereo image.
  • 19 mm fabric dome tweeter ferrofluid cooled for high power handling.
  • 165 mm mid/bass driver with well damped lightweight fibrecone, non magnetic
    chassis and high flux magnetic system.
  • High grade components in crossover for perfect match to drivers.
  • Cabinet construction of high density board with high internal damping to
    eliminate structural resonances and colourations.
  • Massive cloth grille to reduce baffle vibrations.
  • Bi-wire option with 4 heavy gold plated connectors.


Principle: 2-way reflex design
Woofer/Mid: 6 1/2″ coated lightweight fibrecone with high flux magnet
Tweeter: 3/4″ fabric dome, ferrofluid cooled
Impedance: 8 ohm
Power handling: 150 W
Sensitivity: 90 dB SPL 1 W, 1 m
Frequency response: 48 Hz – 22 kHz
Dimensions: 330 x 210 x 256 mm
Weight: 6 kg each

Specifications and appearance subject to change for further improvement without notice.