Reference HD II


The Qln Reference is the largest and most impressive speaker in the Classic series. It’s a slim, tall floor-standing loudspeaker designed for larger listening environments where high output levels and deep bass performance are required.
To meet the highest demands on resolution, accurate tonal and harmonic integrity, the Reference cabinet are made of dual density Qboard. The massive, 80mm thick, front baffle together with the unique enclosure material, exhibits excellent internal damping match to the frames of the drivers. Additional mechanical tuning is provided by null point placement of generous and rigid cross-bracing. The crossover network uses multiple slopes to achieve acoustical phase linearity. Minimum energy/time-storage behavior in the hard-wired crossover is achieved by using only the finest audio grade capacitors, OFC air core inductors and time coherent wire. The components are matched to better than 1% tolerance. The drivers were selected because of their frequency response linearity, impulse stability, and most important, their intrinsic musical quality.
The extraordinary bass response, coherence, and dynamic linearity of the Reference makes it ideal for sonic evaluation of audio hardware and software.

Impedance: 4 ohms
Amplifier requirements: 25-350Watt RMS
Sensitivity: 91 dB SPL 1 watt 1m
Low frequency performance: -3dB 24Hz
Cabinet: Dual density Qboard
Dimensions (HxWxD): 132x234x337
Weight: 38,5 kg each