Bild 612

There are few loudspeakers that can combine these two things; power enough to tear down the walls and yet a soundstage with a crystal clear focus. The Qln 612 is a unique combination, willingly adopting to virtually any kind of music.

The 12-inch, long throw woofer provides a response down to 28 Hz, more than enough to reproduce both powerful bass energy and the ambient sound of a concert hall. Important enough in demanding music listening and in conveying the energy in a premium home movie installation.

The two lightweight-coned midrange units presents a neutral and accurate response to the recorded material, and together with the ferrofluid cooled tweeter they create an open, three-dimensional soundstage – retaining every detail.

A solid and stable cabinet in an immaculate wooden finish is the visible sign of the craftsmanship that has become the hallmark of Qln loudspeakers.



  • Floor standing 3-way reflex design.
  • Rounded edges and large area on reflex port for lower distortion.
  • Heavy 8 mm spikes for improved stability.
  • High efficient 27 mm tweeter with coated silk fabric dome and damped cavity behind the cone.
  • Absorbent felt on the tweeter for lower reflection of high frequencies.
  • Twin 165 mm mid drivers, treated lightweight fibre cone, non magnetic chassis.
  • High performance 12″ long throw heavy duty woofer for optimum bas impact, with 135 mm powerful magnet.
  • High grade audio components in crossover for perfect match to the drivers.
  • Slim cabinet design for good stereo image and for “good” match in your environment.
  • Cabinet construction of 32 mm MDF and 22 mm high density board, generous internal bracing to eliminate structural resonances and colouration.
  • Bi-wiring option with 4 heavy gold plated connectors.
  • Optional finishes. Cherry, light rose and black.

Principle: 3 way bass reflex
Woofer: 12″ Long throw
Mid: 2x 6 1/2″ doped lightweight fibercone with  high-flux magnet
Tweeter: 1″ coated silk fabric dome, ferrofluid cooled
Impedance: 4 ohm
Power handling: 350 W
Sensitivity: 92 dB SPL 1 W, 1 m
Frequency response: 30 Hz – 22 kHz
Dimensions: 1110 x 220 x 430 mm
Weight: 31 Kg each (without mass damping)

Specifications and appearance subject to change for further improvement without